Sennheiser e604 Dynamic Drum Microphone w/cable

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Sennheiser e604 Dynamic Drum Microphone w/cable

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Weight 3.00 lbs


This is for 1- New Sennheiser e604 drum/percussion microphone and 1- Bonus XLR 20ft microphone cable.  Amazingly durable, the E604 will take a beating and come back for more. The light weight of the E604 and rim clip will not pull a drum out of tune like other mics on a heavy claw will, and they will stay in place without marring valuble rims and finishes. The E604 sounds fantastic, and has garnered rave reviews from both live sound and recording professionals the world over.  Sennheiser backs up all of the Evolution line with the best warranty in the business.....10 years. As an authorized Sennheiser dealer (Big Time Audio / proaudiomart) you will receive the full 10 year warranty.



Sennheiser e604


The frequency response and cardioid pick-up pattern are optimized for drum sets and other percussion instrument miking, while also producing exceptional results on all forms of brass and woodwind. An integral stand mount screws directly onto mic stands and included clip attaches mic to rim of drum.


Very high sound pressure level handling, in excess of 160 dB, is combined with a balanced, clear, low distortion signal similar to a high-end studio condenser microphone. Lightweight voice coil provides extended high frequency and rapid transient response. A tough reinforced glass fiber body takes the knocks and shocks and suppresses impact noise.




  • Rugged reinforced glass-fibre body
  • Low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
  • Very high sound pressure handling capability
  • Low distortion microphone
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Easy to position due to compact design
  • Integral stand mount





Pick Up Pattern



Frequency Response

 40Hz - 18kHz  



 1mV/Pa =/- 55 dB (odB=1V/Pa) =/-75dB (odB=1V/µbar) ( USA)  


Nominal Impedance

350 ohms  


Min Terminating Impedance

1000 ohms



Ø=1.3 in. L=2.3 in.   



2.1 oz.  


Transducer Principle

Pressure gradient receiver




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Sennheiser e604 Dynamic Drum Microphone w/cable
Sennheiser e604 Dynamic Drum Microphone w/cable